American Imagery Bank Official Mission Statement

The American Imagery Bank is a conceptual platform meant to serve as digital venue through which artists and viewers can interact. Its objective is to research, expand, and redefine visual identity through public participation and art production.

Section 1 Process >

1a Public Participation

Various questions are proposed to the general public with themes related to identity, social, and cultural philosophies. New questions will be proposed throughout the ongoing project. All are welcome to participate in as many surveys as desired.

Submissions will be reviewed and curated to ensure quality and variety.

1b Symbol Creation

The chosen submissions will be used to create visual symbols, which are then crafted into individual iconic images.

Eventually, each matrix that is created will be photographed and digitally cataloged on the official American Imagery Bank website.

1c Artwork Production

As matrices are completed they will be used to create fully realized art works. Each piece will be photographed and digitally cataloged. The prints will be displayed in various public exhibitions.

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Section 2 Survey >

  • Have something to confess? Name an object that in some way relates to or represents one of your secrets. Know that all submissions can be made anonymously. Explanations are welcome but not required. E.G. “Sailboat for Sea Sickness, Red Wig for Cross-Dressing, and Machete for Serial Killing”
  • 2b Printed name
  • > In order to be credited and notified if your submission is chosen, fill out line items 2B–2C. Leave blank if you prefer to remain anonymous.

    > The American Imagery Bank guarantees personal information will be used solely to credit and notify the submitter in the case that the submitter’s entry is selected. Personal information will not be sold to solicitors under any circumstances.

    > The American Imagery Bank reserves the right to reject submissions (and revoke submission privileges) if it is determined that any information submitted in sections 2b–2d is an act of forgery, libel, or automated by non-human entities.

  • 2c Email address
  • 2d City and State
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Section 4 Catalog >

Recent Catalog Entries




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